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Inflatable Puppy

12 ft. Tall Rooftop Inflatable puppy

CreativeCore, the full-service marketing agency based in Florida, reached out to create a custom rooftop inflatable puppy for their upcoming event. With only 10 days left on the calendar, our team designed, produced, and delivered the custom inflatable in record time.

The Process: We took the 2D Puppy reference image provided by CreativeCore and replicated every detail to create a 3D sculpture of the inflatable puppy. After approval, digital patterns were made, fabric pattern pieces were cut, sewn, and assembled. The inflatable was inspected, packaged, and shipped.

Made in:



12’ H x 10’ L x 10′ W

Pkg. Dim:

18″ H x18″ L x 18″ W

Blower System:



32 lbs


Inflatable Unit, Blower system, Tethers, D-Ring anchors, and Carrying bag

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